We know you love your significant other but we also know you really love tacos. But falling in love with one doesn’t mean you have to give up the other. When it comes time to exchange vows, make sure you’re including BOTH of your true loves during your wedding day. We scoured the internet to find a few ways to keep a taco-theme during your wedding day so that you’re never far from your favorite tortillas.

Here are 12 items that every taco loving bride (or groom) should have.

1 – 3. Taco ’bout A Bachelorette Party

You know you’re going to need some food to go with that ‘party’ – and of course it would be tacos. Remind everyone how hard your Taco Tribe runs with these Bachelorette goodies.

Taco ‘Bout A Bachelorette Koozie Available Via Etsy/BrantPointPrep


Taco Tribe Bachelorette Shirts via Etsy/AmeriTrendsCo

Fiesta/Taco Inspired Bachelorette Decorations via Etsy/CherCanDoIt

4. Bridal Shower Invitations 

Set the mood right away before the vows even get exchanged. These Taco Shower Invitations deserve a frame themselves.



5. A Taco Ring 

Your significant other probably already got you a nice ring but having this taco version would make it twice as nice.

Taco Ring via Etsy/CBJbyLorena


6. A Card for your True Love(s)

Exchange vows AND exchange gifts with a card that sums up your future together.

Taco-ly Ever After Card via Etsy/ThePaperCicada


7. Taco Shaped Confetti

Birdseed? No. Rice? Too messy. Bubbles? Nada. Have your guests toss tacos, just in a cleaner way.

Taco Confetti via Etsy/CheekandPenPaperCo


8. Taco Bar at Your Wedding Reception

We think it’s so important to have an amazing Taco Bar at your Wedding Reception, so much so that we wrote a whole post on it.


9. Taco Bar Sign Your Wedding Reception

When you order the taco bar, you’ll want a cute coordinating sign to point guests in the direction of deliciousness. Sometimes being extra costs extra?

Taco Bar Wedding Reception Sign via Etsy/DownInTheBoondocks


10. Taco Wedding Cake Topper

While you’re eating your sweet cake, you can pretend it’s a warm taco. We won’t tell.

Taco ‘Bout A Party Wedding Cake Topper via Etsty/NgoCreations

11. Mini Taco Cupcakes

Guests expect some sort of sweet at a reception and although your mind may still be on tacos, we think this is the perfect compromise.

Recipe & Photo via Camilleiam

12. Taco Reception Cups/Favors

Guests will already remember your wedding for obvious reasons but that doesn’t mean you can’t send them home with a taco-themed reminder.

Taco Cup Wedding Favors via Etsy/SipHipHooray

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