Here at SALSArita’s, it’s safe to say that we love salsa. But we don’t just love it, we perfect it. From mild to scorching, sweet to tangy, having the right (and best) selection of sensational salsa is what we’re all about. Concocting a recipe that tastes amazing with nachos, burritos, tacos, AND quesadillas isn’t easy but fear not, we’ve taken care of the delicate science for you.

The next time you’re chowing down on our addictive chips and salsa, here’s some food for thought:

 1. All our salsas are made from whole produce, spices & juices, nothing else. Simplicity is key. No need for additives or fillers here, just fresh ingredients for fresh salsa.  2. Our Pico de Gallo is used to make Guacamole (along with a few other ingredients). You love our Pico AND you love our Guac. Did you know that one is in the other? Talk about twice as nice! 3. Looking for a guilt-free topping? Since our recipes consist of all produce, spices, and 100% juice, feel free to pile on the salsa without the calorie expense. In fact, 2oz of most of our salsas tops out at just 5 calories! Salsarita's Fresh Mexican Grill - Best Salsa Recipe - Our Salsa Secrets 4. What do French fries and our salsas have in common? All our produce is diced with the same high-grade cutting machine for creating French Fries! Salsarita's Fresh Mexican Grill - Best Salsa Recipe - Our Salsa Secrets 5. Speaking of dicing, we hand dice the fresh peppers, onions and tomatoes every single morning. Each restaurant dices cases of produce every morning!   6. Love fruit? We do too. That’s why we keep a special seasonal fruit salsa in rotation year-round. This includes pineapple and mango with a peach salsa coming soon (*spoiler alert!*) Want a different fruit or flavor? Let us know – we’re always experimenting with new ingredients.     7. Our Mexican Rice is one of the most popular items to add to a burrito or quesorito, but did you know our mild salsa is a key ingredient? We make the salsa fresh in-store, then use it as a marinade for our rice! 8. We begin prepping our salsa for the day at 7am even though most restaurants don’t open until 11am. Plenty of time to whip up a fresh batch of your favorites. 9. We use national chefs from key suppliers, like Cholula and Dole, to develop and taste test new salsa recipes. Salsa taste testing is a pretty tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. Want us to feature a new salsa recipe? Let us know!   Salsarita's Fresh Mexican Grill - Best Salsa Recipe - Our Salsa Secrets

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