Cinco de Mayo fiesta season is approaching rapido! And in case you didn’t know, it’s also a big deal around here. What Santa Claus is to cookies and Christmas, Salsarita’s is to tacos and Cinco. Thankfully the holiday is on a Saturday this year, so it’s the perfect opportunity to throw your very own fiesta. Plus this year will be a bigger day to celebrate than years past because of the unique timing of the beloved Kentucky Derby, which also falls on the 5th. Saddle up and round up the margaritas, there’s a lot of celebrating to do! At Salsarita’s, we offer catering for any size Cinco de Mayo fiesta from 5 to hundreds! Learn more about catering with our famous tacos, nachos, burritos, and more! Order Catering Online
If you’re planning your Cinco de Mayo fiesta, we’ve rounded up 30 of our favorite ideas from Pinterest so that all you’ll need left is your amigos.

Setting the Fiesta Vibe:

1. Tomato Can Décor By nature, Cinco de Mayo is all about the color. A cheap way to bring more to any space is using the tomato and chile cans to create unique and fun arrangements! 2. Tissue Paper Flowers Florals can be expensive, so when you’re on a budget (or in a pinch) grab some tissue paper and a glue gun! *Bonus: This craft is Kid Friendly, so you can earn some Parenting Points along the way. 3. Fringe Wallpaper & Balloon Cactus Honestly, the cheaper the better and it doesn’t get much cheaper for an adorable Fiesta backdrop. Tissue paper cut into fringe? Check. Green balloons taped together to make a cactus? Check. 4. Watermelon Cactus We didn’t know we needed a watermelon cactus until we saw it. Muy perfecto for serving all types of fresh fruit! 5. Tablescape & Place Setting A fun and vibrant tablescape is key. We loved their use of mix-matched linens with succulents as party gifts! 6. Paper Flower Crown What’s better than a beautiful and colorful flower crown? One that never dies! This paper flower crown will definitely make you queen of your own Cinco de Mayo fiesta. 7. Beer Bottle Ponchos Utilitarian? Debateable. Adorable? Absolutely. Keep your beverage of choice looking festive with these serape ponchos. Available at Party City. 8. Painted Glass Bottles Do you have old glass bottles laying around? Do you have some acrylic pain? Then you have an excellent centerpiece for your fiesta. 9. DIY Taco Piñata We may be bias, but this Taco Piñata from Studio DIY is bound to be a hit…. See what we did there?

Cinco de Desserts:

10. Churro Cupcakes Churros + Cupcakes… do we even need to say anything else? 11. Oreo Tacos Name a better duo…. We’ll wait. 12. Confetti Choco Tacos Liven up the ol’ classic with an easy DIY recipe – perfect for those in warmer climates! 13. Cactus Cupcakes Not only are these adorable + delicious, guests can take home these little mini terra cotta pots! 14. Maraca Cake Pops Cake pops meet Cinco de Mayo – just don’t shake them too hard. 15. Churro Cheesecake Bars Bakes in just 30 minutes but you’ll remember it for life. 16. Loaded Funfetti Dessert Nachos If your guests don’t rave about these nachos, don’t invite them back.

Cinco de Mayo Activities & Games:

17. Classic Piñata Certainly you can’t think of a fiesta without the piñata? 18. Pin the Tail on the Donkey You know we couldn’t leave this one off…. 19. Cinco de Drinko – Uno Version After your kids make a mess with those crafts, a drinking game for the adults may be a good idea!

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