Spicy foods are amazing, delicious, and loved by many. In fact, did you know that some studies have proven that spicy foods release endorphins? This means that, in addition to being tasty, your favorite spicy dish might also be euphoric! In addition to providing plenty of options for spice lovers, some of you might remember that, two years ago, we released a limited time entree that was the epitome of spicy foods–the Burheato.  We guess you could say that, a little bit of spice goes a long way, and Salsarita’s…well, we know a lot about spice. Here are 5 tips to help you eat and enjoy all of your favorite spicy sauces and entrees:
  1. Start with mild spice.
Work your way up the spicy ladder; don’t just go for the gold and get burned. This isn’t a track meet, after all; it’s a marathon…a marathon of spice.
  1. If possible, have milk at the ready. 
Milk, not water, is the best remedy for neutralizing spicy foods quickly.
  1. Enjoy your favorite spicy entree with a friend. 
“I swear I’m not crying; the spice is just making my eyes water…”
  1. Try taking smaller bites. 
This will control the amount of spice you are taking in with each bite.
  1. Pair it with something crunchy!
Salsarita’s chips are the perfect complement to a meal with a kick! And remember, keep calm, and enjoy the heat!

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