Whether you’re planning a fun Galentine’s Date or just want an excuse to entertain for a crowd, charcuterie boards  are the trendiest way to feed a crowd. The history of these snacking boards is deep rooted all the way back to the 15th century and traditionally, they would feature a variety of both cured and cooked meats, cornichons, olives, and of course a variety of cheeses. We took this traditional board and decided to add a Salsarita’s twist. Enter: The “Fiesta Board!”

Our Fiesta Board features many items that you can pick up at your local Salsarita’s restaurant. From our wildly addictive chips to our creamy queso, house-made salsas, and hand-mashed guacamole, this board is guaranteed to have something everyone will love.

Ready to make your own Fiesta Board? It’s easier than you think. While we strayed a bit from the traditional charcuterie, there’s still an easy formula you can follow:


Chips – Dips – Crunch – Munch




You can’t go wrong with a generous amount of our perfectly seasoned chips. These will act as the “basis.”


Load up your board with a few (or all) of your favorite Salsarita’s dips! A few of our favorites to feature are Pico de Gallo, Sweet Corn Salsa, Medium Salsa, Cholula Corn Salsa, and our famous hand-mashed guacamole. We also threw in crumbled queso fresca for a fun way to add a little more flavor. Try it sprinkled over an avocado slice!


Chips are the perfect thing for dipping, but they aren’t the only thing. Try adding in fun ingredients for your guests to experiment and try new combinations! We added mild bell peppers, both sliced and baby bells, and watermelon radishes. The radishes not only add an extra crunch, but fun color too!


Aside from chips and dip, throwing in other finger foods will make your board more versatile and ensure that everyone has something they love! Try including things such as corn snacks, corn nuts, sliced chorizo, and fresh avocado slices. We also added extra lime slices for color and to squeeze overtop of your fresh pico, salsa, or guac! The options here are limitless and the point of the Fiesta Board is to… fiesta! So, try new foods and see what you can come up with.

We’d love to see your creations! Try building your own Salsarita’s Fiesta Board and be sure to tag us! #Salsaritas


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