Listen, we all love Tex-Mex food, if you don’t, what are you doing here? But sometimes it just isn’t enough for true burrito lovers to just verbally express their passion. How is the random family in the pool going to even know that you go to Salsarita’s twice a week and have a serious addiction to tacos? THEY WON’T. But what do tacos and pools have in common? Right off the bat, you may assume they aren’t related but thanks to a booming pool float industry, you can literally keep your love afloat.

 Luckily for you, we rounded up all the pool floats so that you can keep tacos top of mind while it keeps you on top of the water.

*We do not receive any compensation for purchase of these products, we just think they’re really cool.


Taco Pool Raft via Coconut Floats



Taco Pool Float w/ Mustache via BigMouth Inc



 Burrito Pool Float (2 Pack) via XFlated



Chilli Peppers via Swimline



Avocado Pool Float w/ Removable Pit via Jasonwell



Pineapple Pool Float – via Vickea (For Pineapple Salsa, of course?)




Nacho Pool Tube via Pool Candy



Giant Avocado Pool Float via Big Mouth Inc.


*BONUS* Margarita Pool Float via Big Mouth Inc

Now that you’ve got your food to float on, what about the real stuff? Don’t forget to order online or on the app and take your Salsarita’s with you!

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