Is salsa healthy?

May is National Salsa Month and it’s no secret that we’re big fans of the Mexican food staple. However, what may be surprising is how beneficial and the amount of  health benefits from eating salsa. From Pico to Corn Salsa, we’re walking through a few key highlights of adding salsa to your next (or every) meal! 

1. Salsa is low in calories

Our fresh salsas are made with produce, lime juice, and simple herbs and seasonings. All of which are naturally low in calories. A typical serving size of mild salsa is 1tbsp which averages around 4 calories. Load ‘em up.


2. High in Vitamins

Most of our salsas are made with a hefty foundation of tomatoes which are high in key vitamins such as C & E. Lime juice is also featured in our mild salsa which packs another punch of Vitamin C which has been shown to help prevent certain diseases of the heart.


3. Underrated Health Booster: Capsaicin

It’s commonly known that capsaicin is one of the factors of heat in a pepper. But it’s use goes far beyond that! Did you know capsaicin has many more health benefits including relief for arthritis and mild pain, diabetes management, and weight loss. 

4. Cancer-Fighting Tomatillos

Tomatillo Salsa often flies under the radar when compared to its ultra-popular traditional mild salsa but next time you’re in line, take another look at the green stuff. Check out the details (plus a quick recipe!) here.


5. Onions & Garlic to the Rescue

What’s bad for the breath is great for the blood! Both onions and garlic are natural immune boosters and blood thinners. It’s also been proven that garlic can help reduce your blood pressure and onions help manage blood sugar, and that’s just the start of it.  

6. Prevents Kidney Stones

One of the not-so-secret ingredients in our mild salsa is lime juice, which is packed with citric acid. This acid works hard against preventing kidney stones. Not to mention limes help with complexion, immunity, and the list goes on.


Along with these factors, our salsas are made fresh each day which helps preserve the vitamins and anti-oxidants that are naturally found. So the next time you reach for more and think twice – don’t!


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