Looking for the best Valentine’s Date? The holiday is rapidly approaching and so begins the hustle of finding ways to show your loved ones you care about them. But shouldn’t that be something we do every day? Absolutely. But we’re going to stray from our normal recipes and lifestyle posts to offer you all a bit of dating advice… and we mean it.

Salsarita’s is the best restaurant to take your date.

Now before you laugh, hear us out. We know you’re thinking “I can’t take my date there, I want to impress them with some place nice!” but that’s where you’re mistaken. Here are the reasons why Salsarita’s is the best Valentine’s Date:

1. Quality Ingredients = Quality Date

You want to impress your Valentine’s Date with a high quality and delicious meal right? At Salsarita’s, we only use the freshest ingredients to make everything on our menu. Our salsas are hand-made from scratch each morning, our guac is hand-mashed each and every day, and all of our meats are slow-marinated in our own blend of spices and seasonings then flame grilled fresh throughout the day. If you think a premium dining experience can’t be served on a tortilla, think again.

2. Lots of Custom Options

Whether you’re on your first Valentine’s date or your 40th, picking the right dinner spot is crucial to a successful date. Don’t make the mistake of picking a restaurant that’s not compatible with their dietary goals, restrictions, etc. Why not head to a place with LOTS of options so that they can pick and customize their order to their liking? *Tip* Treat them to the queso. Every kiss begins with que….so!


3. Take It To Go

Dinner dates usually consist of dinner and an activity, but why not make dinner THE activity. Grab your Salsarita’s and take it to go to your favorite local romantic spot, or just take it home and watch a movie! Plus, when you take your meal to go, you aren’t limited to any specific beverage menu so you can pair your taco or burrito bowl with ANY glass of wine, cocktail, or beer your heart desires.

4. No dress code required.

Sure, we love getting dressed up from time to time, but who really wants to do that during a week day? Valentine’s being on a Thursday isn’t exactly helpful and luckily for you, you don’t need a new dress, tie, or any fancy outfit. We also won’t judge if you do decide to show up to your local Salsarita’s in a tuxedo. See? It’s a win/win.

5. Because you LOVE your kids too!

Not only are we kid-friendly, we’re kid preferred. Who can turn down that delicious queso with a cheesy and craveable queso? Bring your kids along on your date and make the whole group happy.



Love is in the air, see you at Salsarita’s soon!

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