Summer Traditions Are Important

When the chill in the air gives way to hot and haze-filled summer days, it’s hard to stay focused at work knowing there’s fun to be had while the sun is shining. Spring and fall are wonderful, and winter? Well, you’re in fourth place, but no one beats summer when it comes to the best season for making memories. Take the longer daylight mixed with a dash of NO SCHOOL and you get a formula for fun!
Summer Traditions: Going on a yearly beach vacation

Submitted by Kim L.

Summer traditions are an important staple in any family and they are often the foundations of childhood memories. Building sandcastles at the beach, catching fireflies in the backyard, these are all memories forever engraved and dare to stand the test of time. But why are they so important? We love this description from Art of Manliess blog: “Traditions and rituals often tell a story about a family. On the macro level, traditions can teach children where their family came from or give them insights into their cultural or religious history (e.g. eating tamales on Christmas Eve to celebrate your Mexican heritage). On a more micro level, traditions can serve as reminders of events that have shaped your family and your children (e.g. every year your family rents the same lake house, and each time you go it reminds you of all the experiences you’ve had on previous trips).” (Source: The Art of Manliness) We asked around to get a few of our team members favorite summer traditions and based in 18 different states, each one of our Salsarita’s locations celebrates summer a little differently. However, we did see a common theme: spending time with family!
Summer Traditions: Being With Friends

Submitted by Louisville Team Members

Summer Traditions: Finding Shark Teeth at the Beach!

Summer Traditions: Walking on the beach finding shark teeth – Submitted by Kim L.

Kim L. (Charlotte) : We make a trip to our favorite beach with the entire family. We rent a beach house and just enjoy the week together and look for shark teeth! Kelly O. (Corporate): I love going to country music concerts with my friends. They always seem to stop through town in the summer, so we made it an annual tradition.
Summer Traditions: Going to concerts with friends and family

Summer Traditions: Going to concerts with friends and family – Submitted by Kelly O.

Marlo M. (Corporate): Going to the pool as often as I can with my family! All of our friends go to so it keeps everyone entertained! Rick D. (Charlotte): I love playing baseball, it’s the best season of the year!
Summer Traditions: Being Active With Friends

Summer Traditions: Spending Time Outside – Submitted by Louisville Team Members

Tim C. (Corporate): Going to a Jimmy Buffet concert with a big group of friends. Sam E. (Rivergate): My family and I go to Carowinds every year!
Summer Traditions: Going to Carowinds with the family!

Summer Traditions: Going to Carowinds with the family

Maurice L. (Highland Creek):  I love to go hiking, so many great spots to hike and see during the summer!
Summer Traditions: Being Outdoors

Summer Traditions: Being Outdoors & Hiking – Submitted by Louisville Team Members

Alex H (Highland Creek): We go to our family lake house and spend time with everyone!
Summer Traditions: Spending time at the family lake house

Summer Traditions: Spending time at the lake house

Javier V. (Oak Ridge): I like to grill out with family and friends

Summer Traditions: Going to the lake and baseball games – Submitted by Fountain City Team Members

Shayann M (Fountain City). My husband and I love to go to baseball games Deanna D. and Carin D. (Fountain City): We love hanging out at the lake and enjoying the beautiful weather! Andrew C. (Fountain City): I love spending the pretty days with my girlfriend and puppy!

Summer Traditions: Spending time with my girlfriend and our puppy – Submitted by Andrew C.


What’s your favorite summer traditions? If yours includes going to Salsarita’s – tag us using #ASalsaritasSummer for a chance to win a FREE Fiesta Pack + Pool Float!


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