Looking for a quick and inexpensive dinner idea? Check out our Salsarita’s Slow Cooker Tomatillo Salsa Chicken. It may be a mouthful to say, but with only 4 ingredients and a crockpot, it’s about as easy as it gets. PLUS it’s Whole30 & Paleo Compliant! This Tomatillo Salsa Chicken is a perfect taco topper, or you can throw it on cauliflower rice for a healthier alternative.

Recipe Card:


  • Tomatillo Salsa (16oz) *Order Online or pick up a pint in store made fresh, in house, every day!* Order Now
  • 4 lbs Chicken Breasts, about 3 chicken breasts
  • 1 lime (or 2 Tbsp lime juice)
  • 1 Tbsp Cumin
Add all ingredients into a medium sized slow-cooker. Set on high for around 4 hours *each crockpot cooks differently so please make sure to check if your chicken is fully cooked before consuming!* Once chicken has cooked, shred with a fork and enjoy as tacos, enchiladas, burritos, or on a bed of brown rice or cauliflower rice!

The Secret Health Benefits of Tomatillo Salsa

Everyone loves Tomatillo Salsa aka Salsa Verde. It’s a bright green twist on the classic red salsa with a tangy & fresh flavor with a mild to medium heat. But do you know what’s in it? A common guess is green tomatoes but in fact, it’s tomatillos! The tomatillo is an underrated cousin of the tomato, often confused for one, when in fact it’s not even a vegetable at all.  That’s right, it’s actually a fruit! Raw tomatillos are covered with a paper-like husk and have a strong tangy flavor, but is tamed when peeled, cooked and mixed with peppers and seasonings. You can also grill, sauté, and roast it! They are available year round and can most often be found in international grocery stores. If you’ve never been tempted to add some ‘green’ to your Salsarita’s order, the health benefits alone should convince you. One whole tomatillo is only 11 calories and 1.3g of sugar and 2g carbs but packs a loaded 91mg of potassium along with other vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A and C. (Source) If that’s not enough, a study found 14 compounds within a tomatillo that feature natural anti-cancer properties. According to the University of Kansas: “The new compounds, known as withanolides, are already showing promise in combating a number of different cancers and tumors – without any noticeable side effects or toxicity.” – Barbara Timmermann, University of Kansas (Read the full release here.) Salsarita’s Tomatillo Salsa is made with tomatillos, serrano peppers, cilantro and a pinch salt, that’s it! It’s a perfect addition for anyone that wants to add an extra kick of flavor without any of the guilt.

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