Whether you’re a vegetarian or just really like the taste, tofu can be tough to find. It might even seem like, everywhere you go, the meatless options are limited to “Sure, just lettuce is fun -__-“…until now. If you’re a tofu lover, come to Salsarita’s of Asheville for your favorite meatless protein. Tom LaFauci, our Manager in Asheville, noticed that there was one thing missing from his menu: tofu. He’d seen other restaurants serving it–many of which were vegan restaurants and vegetarian restaurants, but many were not–and knew how much our customers would love it. It wasn’t long before tofu became a staple on the menu at Salsarita’s of Asheville! Haven’t tried tofu yet? Here are a few things to know! Tofu is naturally gluten free and low in calorie. It’s also rich in protein, iron and calcium. With other lifestyle changes, consumption of tofu has been proven to help promote a healthier life! (And, also, it’s yum.) Whether you live in Asheville or are just driving through, be sure to visit your local Salsarita’s, where you can enjoy your favorite Mexican foods, regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions. If you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan restaurant with fresh flavors and endless options, visit Salsarita’s Asheville today!

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