We have plenty of options for those of you seeking out a lighter lunch, including our shrimp quesadilla and spicy steak bowl, both of which are, dare we say, deliciously craveable. (And, for the record, we do dare to say it because it’s true!) If you’re not feeling a shrimp quesadilla or spicy steak bowl, but still want a lighter lunch, may we recommend our chicken salad for under 550 calories? Trust us—you’re going to love it. Here’s how you can order it to keep it under 550 calories: What type of bowl do you want? It’s going to be hard, but pass on the taco shell this time around. Opt to put your lettuce in the bowl instead. What kind of meat would you like? Order our perfectly marinated grilled chicken. Any salsas? Yes! Go for the roja and the pico de gallo. Guac? Of course! You can still enjoy a dollop of guacamole on this entrée! Would you like any cheese or dressing? Order the shredded cheese with a touch of dressing on the side. Anything else? Give your salad a kick by ordering diced onions on top. Yum. Are you as hungry as we are? You’ll be satisfied, and you’ll be enjoying a balanced, flavorful meal at under 550 calories. Stay tuned for more of our tips for ordering a lighter lunch at Salsarita’s, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @Salsaritas for more updates.

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