If you’re in college, you’re probably up to your eyes in storage bins and clothes, preparing to return to campus for another fun year (if you haven’t moved back in already). For some of you, this will mean new dorms and apartments, but others of you will be returning to the college dorm or apartment that you’ve already called home for a year or more. Either way, you’ll likely be returning to roommates–some new, some old. Whether you’re reuniting with the BFFs you call roomies or meeting entirely new people altogether, one thing is for sure: the roommate date is a must. Here are just a few benefits of the roommate date: 1. You don’t have to eat alone. Sure, you’re a full-grown, independent adult now–we get it. But that doesn’t mean you want to eat every meal alone! When you’re hungry and don’t feel like another night of noodles or eggs, your roommate is the perfect, most accessible person to invite. reasons for the roomie date 2. You can carpool! Why take two cars when you can drive together and finally perfect your duet? reasons for the roomie date 3. It’ll bring you even closer. Even if you and your roommate have gotten so close you can communicate using only your eyes, it can be easy to lose touch when classes pick up. Meal time is the best time to catch up with your roommate, one-on-one. Without the distraction of cell phones or the TV, you can really find out everything that’s been going on in your roomie’s life. reasons for the roomie date 4. It’s a great way to clear the air. Bypass the passive aggressive notes because, though hilarious, they usually make things so much worse. Opt instead on voicing any concerns you may have over some shared chips and queso. It’ll help you avoid any confrontation and make it feel like less of an attack. “I really need for you to start doing your dishes…here, have some more queso!” Plus, if your roommate is going through something, this might just be the perfect chance to talk about it away from home. reasons for the roomie date Salsarita’s is the perfect place to host your roomie date. Share stories over shared chips with salsa, queso and guac. Then, dive a little deeper, while you each enjoy one of our many entrees. Salsarita’s can be found on or near many college campuses, including University of South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State University, Auburn University and many more. Visit our Locations page to find a Salsarita’s near you and your rooms!

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