I always buy a taco or burrito at Salsarita’s. If this sounds like you, we bet you’ve never tried our Mexican Chopped Salad. We know what you’re thinking, “Why would I want a boring ol’ salad at Salsarita’s, when there are so many other delicious items on the menu?” Our salads are anything but “boring”  and “ol’,” but more on that on another day. Today, we want to show you how ordering or making your very own Mexican Chop Salad can be just as tasty and satisfying as a taco or burrito. The secret to making the perfect Mexican Chopped Salad is to treat it like you’re making a taco. It sounds crazy, but, trust us, it works. You just add all of your favorite taco ingredients to your salad, minus the shell. The next time you’re making a salad at home or catering with Salsarita’s, try building a salad like this: Step 1: Start with a big bowl, and add the shredded lettuce. Step 2: Pick your protein. This is the first step to personalizing your dish by choosing your favorite meat, like seasoned chicken. Step 3: Add cheese. We know some of you may not put cheese on your salads, but for those who do, be sure to put it after the protein but before the rest of your toppings. Step 4: Add toppings. This is the best part! Add all of your favorites, like onions, olives, corn, tomatoes, salsa, and even guac, beans and rice. Step 5: Add the dressing. This is a crucial step because, by adding the dressing to the top of the salad, you will have all of its flavor in every bite! Got it? Good. Let’s get  choppin’! Be sure to share photos of your Mexican Chopped Salad with us on Instagram @Salsaritas!

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