Salsarita’s fans are the best. We love nothing more than getting on Twitter and seeing your tweets about how much you love our queso and guac and how you just “need Salsarita’s rn.” Ugh, seriously. You guys are the best. *virtual high five* Here are a few of our favorite recent tweets from 12 people who are low-key (and high-key) obsessed with Salsarita’s. The one who understands that Salsarita’s is a deeper experience.  The one who knows how important it is to document every glorious, delicious moment of going to Salsarita’s.   The one who knows that Salsarita’s really is the key to happiness. The one who knows that you can meet your soulmate anywhere, even Salsarita’s. (Especially Salsarita’s.)

I saw the love of my life at salsaritas today

The one who admits that Salsarita’s is low-key their soulmate.  And the one who admits that Salsarita’s is high-key their soulmate.

2 weeks and my life will be complete and I’ll have my 1 true love Salsaritas back??

The one who knows it’s never too early to eat Salsarita’s… 

There’s a guy sitting beside eating a salsaritas burrito, it’s 8:22

…or too late.

Nothing beats late night Salsaritas queso.

The one who knows that 3 weeks is WAY TOO LONG to go without Salsarita’s.

I haven’t had salsaritas in like 3 weeks this is unacceptable

The one who knows that, with Salsarita’s, you’re never alone.

Sometimes you just have to eat Salsaritas alone in your car bc you have no friends

The one who knows that our guac really is what life is all about.

salsarita’s guac is what I LIVE for

And, lastly, the one who knows that emojis speak a thousand words.   Are you obsessed with Salsarita’s? Let us know in a tweet @Salsaritas!

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