It’s the first week of summer, which means that at least one person you know is throwing a beginning of summer party (even though, let’s be honest, we’ve all been in summer mode for weeks now). Some of you are social butterflies at these parties, flittering and fluttering your way from one conversation to the next. But, for the rest of you, the only thing flittering and fluttering at a party is your heart as you brace yourself for whatever awkward thing you’ll inevitably do before the night is over.

Here are 10 of the most awkward moments you’re bound to experience during at least one of this summer’s parties:

  1. Walking up and not knowing whether to enter through the front door or to walk around back.   2. Ringing the doorbell and realizing that no one heard, so you just stare through the window like this…   3. Finally getting inside and not knowing whether to hug or shake hands, so instead you do a combination of the two.   4. Saying “Nice to meet you” to someone you think you’ve never met just as they say, “It’s good to see you again.”   5. Meeting new people and immediately forgetting their names.   6. Trying to look like you belong when your one friend goes to the bathroom.   7. Trying to make your way into a conversation, but instead you just stand an awkward distance away from everyone and listen.   8. When your friend (finally) returns, and you have to act like everything was totally fine.   9. When you feel the conversation lulling and try frantically to think of something to say,…but you’ve got nothin’.   10. When all else fails, you pet the dog. Any dog.   If you’re an awkward party goer, at some point you’ll probably find yourself posted up next to the food table…because what better way to make friends than through a shared love of food? Make sure the food is awesome, and use Salsarita’s catering. With a build-your-own tacos, nachos and salad bar, plus chips, salsa and guac, you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Have an awkward party moment of your own? Tweet it to us at @Salsaritas!

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