Every football fan’s favorite time of year is finally here. Super Bowl 50 has arrived, and we’re all ready for kick-off to watch the clash between two football titans, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. That said, there’s much to do before Sunday rolls around! Where are you going to watch the game? Who are you watching it with? And most importantly, what will you eat?!?! We know, we know. You have lots of questions, but luckily, we have the answers.   Where are you going to watch the game? Seriously, we all know that throwing a Super Bowl party at home is so much better than bumping elbows at the local bar. Plus, no lines for the bathroom. Who should you invite? You should, of course, invite all of your family and friends to watch with you! What should you eat? Well, that’s obvious. And if it’s not, click here.   Gameday just isn’t gameday without chips and all kinds of dips—salsas, queso, and, of course, guacamole.   Here are a few guacamole-inspired dishes to make gameday an even better experience for everyone:   Turkey or Beef Guacamole Burgers: Spread guacamole on your gameday burgers to add a fresh and flavorful burst of flavor. Blue Cheese Guacamole-Stuffed Mushrooms with Buffalo Sauce: Stuffed mushrooms are a gameday classic. Add guacamole to the mix, and this app is sure to disappear quickly. Loaded Guacamole Tacos: Are some of your guests vegetarian? This is a tasty twist on a classic dish for all of your vegetarian friends. (And one that we can help with!) Loaded Nachos: Add guacamole to your build-your-own nachos, and pro-tip: Consider adding your favorite cheese cracker as well! The salt, cheese and guacamole are a winning combination. Guacamole Hummus: Hummus is yummus, especially when guacamole is involved.   Guacamole is, hands-down, one of the best Super Bowl ingredients. Save some time by picking up your chips and daily-made guac from Salsarita’s. Or, better yet, make Super Bowl Sunday even easier with Salsarita’s catering. Contact the location nearest you to get your Super Bowl party started!

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